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About Banani

A beautiful shady residential area with a bustling commercial area can be seen in Banani. Once the first choice of the city’s middle class, is now crowded with the traffic of ambitious people. In the residential area of ​​Banani, not only are the locals on top, but so are the foreigners. Banani is a popular destination for shoppers thanks to the huge concentration of brand outlets and the exclusive collections that are usually available there. Therefore, foreign dignitaries also stay in this Banani. Civic life loaded with all facilities, Banani is a role model for any area.

Properties in Banani

Many corporate and famous brand outlets adorn both sides of the road and the residents are also attracted by aesthetically designed houses on both sides of the road. Banani occupies a unique place in Dhaka city due to the combination of clean design and advanced transportation system. Also, there is no compromise in terms of security as it is home to embassies and foreigners. So the demand for properties in Banani is always high.


Banani is easily connected to Gulshan, Kafrul, Mahakhali and even Uttara. Banani is well connected to any part of the city by intercity bus service. South side of Gulshan is well connected by Road 11 and North side is well connected by Road 18. Inside Banani There is no comparison with public rickshaws to ride. Moreover, there are ride sharing options for commuting anywhere.

Educational institutions

There are great educational institutions like Banani Vidya Niketan, Northern University, University of South Asia in Banani. Once, there were strongholds of big private universities but they have moved to permanent campuses. Still a few universities remain. So, there is no reason for the residents of Banani to worry about the quality of education and institutions.

Medical facilities

Even though there are no famous medical service institutions in Banani, institutions like Prabha Health Care or Banani Clinic are able to provide all kinds of support in the medical services of the people of the area.


In one of the most luxurious and planned areas of the country, it is inevitable to have enough parks and playgrounds. Banani is no different. Morning walk or late afternoon hangout in Banani is also a great opportunity.

Mosques and religious institutions

There are several mosques in Banani, and nearby, there are many famous people buried in Banani cemetery. It is located along road number 27 of Banani. Next to it is Banani military cemetery.


Banani is a very convenient area considering the surrounding area. Gulshan in the north and east of Banani and Mahakhali in the south. Dhaka Mymensingh highway in the west has made Banani an excellent location. Tejgaon, Cantonment, Niketan, Airport or Uttara, and any other important area is easily accessible.

Food and restaurants

The variety of food that can be seen in Banani is much less than other places of the city. There are good restaurants of all kinds of food from Biryani to Chinese or Mexican to Japanese. Therefore, Banani still has excellent locations for foodies. Banani is also famous for all the luxury hotels.


Outlets of all famous brands are very stylishly located in Banani. Banani 11th Road is very popular. Bangladesh-Kuwait Friendship Shopping Complex also has exclusive collections. Also, Banani Super Market is very popular.


Location and transport   4/5

Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment  5 /5

Schools, hospitals and religious centres  4 /5

Price affordability  3/5

Overall Score  4/5


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