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About Uttara

Beyond the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city, the location of the quiet and spacious Uttara is a little far away. Building a settlement in Uttara with well-planned and good civic services is now in everyone’s imagination. The great educational institutions and excellent medical services here are well known throughout the city. The Uttara Model Town is very stylishly developed and is well-planned, featuring amazing traits that has garnered it a great reputation that will leave you mesmerized.

Properties in Uttara

Basically, the huge area of ​​the airport keeps Uttara a little far from the city, but Uttara is well-planned from many developed areas of Dhaka. The Sector 1 of Uttara is from wherever the border of the airport ends. As a residential area, the demand of Uttara is at the top of the list. Because of the improved transportation system, free from noise, you want to buy property in Uttara. The number of people investing in Uttara is increasing day by day. The headquarters of Rapid Action Battalion RAB-1 is located in Sector 2 of Uttara. In the eastern area of ​​Uttara, there are also some quarters of some government institutions. The great social relations of the people living in Uttara are noticeable. Uttara is a great example of harmony. Uttara is very clean and tidy. Buildings built by developer companies can be seen here. In addition to residential properties, there is also a demand for some commercial properties. The continuous progress in Uttara is looking promising and thriving.


The transportation system allows for easy travel from Uttara to the entirety of Dhaka City. The main reason for ease of transportation is thanks to the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. CNG, taxis, buses of almost all routes run here. There is a lot of traffic at certain times of the day, located at the airport, the Jasimuddin Avenue and another before the Azampur bus stop. The two U-loops have reduced traffic congestion at an incredible rate. Regional travel from the north is also excellent as well as domestic travel.

Educational institutions

One of the best advantages of living in Uttara is the educational institutions here. The Aga Khan School, DPS-STS School, International Turkish Hope School and College, Rajuk Uttara School and College, Uttara Girls High School all have campuses here. Scholastica, Southbridge School, Milestone School and College also has a campus in Uttara. All in all, Uttara is an excellent area for educational institutions.

Medical facilities

Uttara is also very famous for its modern medical service institutions. The Kuwait Maitri Government Hospital, Popular Diagnostic Centre, Bangladesh Diabetic Society-BARDEM, Bangladesh Medical, Lubana General Hospital, etc. are all great medical institutions that can be found in Uttara.


Uttara is a place surrounded by greenery, offering many great places for morning walks or afternoon walks. Every sector of Uttara has huge parks and playgrounds. The playground of Sector 4 is more famous. Nearby, Uttara Lake is useful for relieving waterlogging, and there are beautiful roads and parks on both sides of the lake. One of the favorite places of its residents is Uttara Lake.

Mosques and religious shrines

There are numerous mosques throughout the residential area of ​​Uttara. In every sector of Uttara, you will find quite large mosques, such as the Uttara Central Jame Masjid in Sector 4 and Baitun Noor Jame Masjid in Sector 6, being the most popular in this area. Sector 11 also has a huge pujamandap.


The huge airport area covers one side of the Uttara West. Abdullahpur, Turag River and Tongi area are in the north. The third phase work has started on the west side which is known as Diabari.

Food and restaurants

There are many restaurants and mobile food courts all over the Uttara area, such as the California Fide Chicken and Pastry Shop, She Sail Party Center, Ekushey Restaurant, Khans Sharma House, Red Chicken, and the Kingfisher BFC along with several other first food chains and restaurants can be seen. Foodies have several options for great food in Uttara.


There are several shopping spots in Uttara. Various branded shops such as Arang Uttara’s 6-storey huge outlet. Next to it is Uttara’s oldest shopping mall, the Rajlakshmi Complex. Also, there is the HM Plaza, Kushal Centre, Ameer Complex, Rajuk Commercial Complex, Side Grand Centre, BNS Tower, and the Mascot Plaza along with all the big commercial establishments like North Tower can be seen here. Zamzam Tower is also very famous in this area. The market also known as BGB Market is also very popular. Close to it is the outlet of the world-famous outdoor brand Decathlon.

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