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About the International Property Specialist partner

Global real estate opportunities are everywhere. People move to the Canada, U.S. and Europe from other countries every day and foreign-born individuals residing in the Canada, U.S. move to new markets. Canadian, Americans or other countries in your current market may look to invest in property overseas. It doesn’t matter what audience you are addressing, We will provide you with the knowledge, research, network and tools to globalize and expand your business.

Learn of the essence

If knowledge is power, then our represents unlimited opportunities. Our agents have immediate access to many exclusive business improvement resources and earn the status that comes with this internationally renowned company. This prestigious network can open the door to exciting and rewarding real estate opportunities for investing around the world.

Get an answer real estate practices around the world

Our partner has compiled general guidelines on real estate practices in almost many countries. It’s a great way to learn the fundamental differences between your market and another system. If you need help finding trusted experts in another country, contact the appropriate global partner. We can help you introduce yourself to the world’s major real estate markets.

Create a global network of connections

International business depends on networking with real estate professionals around the world. Probashi Realty – Global also offers many ways to connect the real estate investment offer of other countries! Many of our members share global tips, news and hundreds of referrals every year in this closed Facebook group for Probashi Realty. It’s a great way to make new connections and discover real estate opportunities around the world! It’s the easiest way to research the world and learn the details of spoken languages, areas of expertise, and specialized countries and regions.

Market your business

Take advantage of dozens of tools to promote yourself as a global agent and save money, including exclusive discounts for our clients and team members.

Explore other international opportunities and events

International business relies on networking with real estate professionals around the world. Global offers many ways to connect real estate investment opportunities from other countries! When you return from your trip, consider attending international real estate conventions and fairs or joining a trade mission. Personal events provide critical and unprecedented opportunities to build relationships that lead to global business

Remote work and global real estate

Even though work-from-home mandates during COVID-19 have come to an end, people have now embraced remote work as a more permanent way of life. For many, one of the things they are rethinking is where they live and work and where they work from.The two main things remote workers look for when looking for a location are year-round warm weather and reliable high-speed Internet.

Flexible working models mean saying goodbye to the big city

In today’s world, homebuyers need a space to work seamlessly and productively, and your awareness of this will go a long way in identifying the right space for them! Those who aren’t totally remote, but are in the office a few days a week, may be willing to commute long distances from suburban town to town.

Technology and global real estate

Global real estate is the perfect industry to use technology to optimize every step of the process.

From Your Clients’ Point of View

The Home Buyers and Sellers Survey found that 47% of recent buyers first looked online before
beginning their buying process. According to New Real Estate Trends & Forecasts, 44% of buyers first
locate their properties online before working with an agent, with this figure increasing every month.
Increasingly, buyers and sellers are turning to digital tools to help them navigate the buying or selling

Preferred method of communication

Most people reserve phone calls only for important questions or for the very end of the process. Text
messaging and email are the preferred methods for noting interest in a property, asking questions and
scheduling viewings. In the world, it is essential to be able to communicate seamlessly with customers
around the world.

Digital Processes

Where stacks of paper and manual processes were once the norm, systems now allow most, if not all,
processes to take place via a smartphone. Read and sign contracts, be instantly alerted to mortgage
information, and view a property with Virtual Reality (VR).

Inflation in global real estate

The inflation rate in the United States, Canada and Europe has reached a 30-40 year high and much of the world is experiencing the same. Global real estate practitioners understand that inflation affects every part of the world in unique ways. This issue of Global Perspectives provides insight into the impact of inflation and supply chain issues on global real estate opportunities, both residential and commercial.

What is inflation and how does it affect your customers?

Inflation is the rate of increase in prices over a given period. Inflation often remains high due to:

  • Energy shortages
  • Unresolved supply chain issues
  • Rising cost of living

High energy bills give buyers less money to work with, making them more cautious when spending
money on a more expensive property. Understanding your clients’ concerns will help you understand
their position and allow you to help them make the right real estate purchase for them.

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