Probashi realty is the leading Online Property marketplace with related Services. Our success has been able to connect all the reputable real estate Owners and companies in one site. Probashi Realty is online property marketplace with real estate and mortgage / bank loan related services. You can buy or sell your property like flat, land / plot / lot or commercial space from this site.

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Probashi Realty’s website is not responsible for the content of any submission. Submissions represent the views and opinions of the person(s) posting the submission and do not represent the views or opinions of Probashi Realty, its directors or officers.

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The website uses cookies and must have cookies enabled on your computer to work well. It’s reserves the right to save advertiser IP address and proper information. If any content violates the current law then it has the right to cooperate with the appropriate authorities. It can use this information for site development, research, product marketing, product development. Also it can change or remove advertiser’s ads or use titles and images incompatible or violation of rules. All pictures are upload with logo, that’s why this picture is not used for any other purposes without advertiser’s permission. Without written permission of Probashi Realty’s website, no content of the website can be used, published, transferred, saved or exchanged. In another way Probashi Realty website’s authiruty can take any legal action at any time. Advertisers must have an active email address and mobile number for post ads, where customers can communicate with advertiser by mail via or can talk directly with the seller via mobile number. The responsibility of any link on the 3rd party used on the website is completely advertiser and user. Whenever the users enter those links is completely free from all its liabilities.

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