Inquery to schedule a showing

Inquery to schedule a showing

Inquery to shedule a showing

    Request to schedule a showing

    Request to schedule a showing
    1. Preferred Date and Time:

      • A property viewing at a time that suits you best would be highly appreciated, and we would be thankful if we could arrange a visit for you within this timeframe.

    2. Specific Areas of Interest:

      • Any particularly interested in exploring [mention specific areas or features of the property] during the showing to gain a better understanding of its unique qualities.

    3. Questions and Clarifications:

      • Have a few questions regarding [specific aspects of the property], and I hope to address them during the showing. If there are any relevant documents or disclosures, kindly ask them in advance.

    4. COVID-19 Safety Measures:

      • Given the current circumstances, would like to inquire about the safety measures in place during property showings to ensure a secure and comfortable experience.

    5. Preferred Mode of Communication:

      • Please inform us of your preferred mode of communication, whether it’s via email or phone, to confirm the details of the showing.

    6. Additional Documentation:

      • If there are any additional documents or information related to the property that would aid in your decision-making process, we would appreciate receiving them ahead of the showing.

    7. Confirmation of Showing Appointment:

      •  Kindly request your confirmation of the showing appointment, along with any specific instructions or details we need to be aware of before visiting the property.

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