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Build a unique and personalized home that reflects your personality

a redesign for the home we live in


Matching the scale of furniture to the scale of a room is essential. Decorating with new ideas very important task. An interior designer walks into your home, they'll likely notice small details about the furniture layout that you might never have thought.


Before you even think about doing anything aesthetic, have an inspector check the existing systems and structures. It is easier to repair electrical and plumbing work as well as roofing and windows before adding wallpaper and paint.


When you want to design and remodel your dream home, you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Designing your new home can be a major undertaking, but the benefits will make all the work worthwhile.

Creating Unique Spaces Within a Home

Create a home that is designed to accommodate the various activities and events that take place within it, and that provides comfortable and functional spaces for all members of the household.


Creating Meaningful Memories in Everyday

Create a home that is designed to facilitate connection, relaxation, and enjoyment, and that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for you and your loved ones.


We pride ourselves on being experts in crafting exceptional interior design solutions that are customized to meet your specific project requirements. Our team of seasoned decorators possesses an unparalleled imaginative flair that enables us to conceptualize and deliver a living space that truly reflects your style and personality.

We go above and beyond to ensure that your dream space is not only visually stunning but also highly functional and practical for your daily use. You can count on us to provide comprehensive assistance and support throughout the entire design process to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


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Our professional decorators have a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you. Learn more about our services and contact us!

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For personalized interior design solutions, you can rely on Probashi Realty Interior.

+880 171992 4987

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Choosing Probashi Realty for Your Interior Designing Needs?

Probashi Realty's Interior Solutions Department offers top-notch services in Interior Designing, Architecture, and Project Management. Our team of experts guarantees swift and creative solutions tailored to your budget and timeline. We prioritize your satisfaction, and we don't rest until we deliver what we promise. Trust us to make your dream home a reality.

By interior “solutions”, what exactly do you mean?

We provide end-to-end solutions for transforming your residential or commercial space into your dream environment. Our services range from consultancy to construction, renovation, and remodeling. We strive to bring your vision to life, whether it's a cozy guesthouse, a chic boutique, or an office that inspires creativity and productivity. We enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and overall value of your space, creating an atmosphere of peace, comfort, and magic. With us, you don't just get a service, but a personalized and comprehensive solution that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Your Residential or Commercial Space Design and Construction?

We have a team of skilled experts who specialize in interior and exterior design, as well as architectural, civil, electrical, and plumbing solutions. Our comprehensive services include consultancy, functional floor plan design, furniture layout, detailed ceiling plans, color suggestions, kitchen and bathroom layout plans, plumbing design, and electrical plans. We prioritize both aesthetics and functionality in order to provide you with a fully functional space that meets all of your needs. While it may be cheaper to take on the project yourself, the risk of poor quality work and the stress that comes with it is not worth the potential cost savings. We are committed to providing top-quality workmanship and materials at competitive prices, tailored to fit your budget and requirements. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you get the best value for your time and money.

Flexible Interior Solutions for Homes and Workspaces?

We understand that not everyone requires a complete renovation or remodeling of their space. That's why we offer flexible interior solutions that cater to your specific needs and preferences. We can work with you to renovate a single room in your home or create customized furniture for your residential or commercial space that aligns with your unique taste and style. Whether you're looking for a small update or a major transformation, we're here to provide the right solution that fits your budget and timeline.

Our Commitment to Post-Completion Support and Maintenance for Your Interior Solutions?

At our company, we believe that our relationship with clients extends beyond the completion of a project. Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes providing post-completion support and maintenance services. We offer a minimum of six months of free service in case any issues arise due to unforeseen circumstances. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience throughout the entire process and are completely satisfied with the end result. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and reliability.

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