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About Dhanmondi

Dhaka city is full of vibrancy, with a clean environment and elite civil services, exhibiting a calm and gentle aura. Dhanmondi holds many important histories of the city and today it is a shining example of prosperity. Today’s Dhanmandi is a combination of quality education, delicious food, and wonderful modern health-care. This area is therefore a tangible symbol of precious abundance not only in Dhaka city but also in the whole country.

Properties in Dhanmondi

Although Dhanmondi was established in the 1950s, if you wander in this area, you won’t even realize its age as it is an area that radiates modernity. The beautiful residential and commercial properties of all sorts of designs, arranged on both sides of the road, are bound to catch the eye of a passerby. The people of this area have never lacked comfort and convenience with all the residential and commercial institutions available nearby. The head offices of some of the country’s major banks, NFBI, corporate institutions are located in Dhanmondi. Again, you will find all the beautiful residential properties in the residential area. Therefore, Dhanmondi is the first choice of respectable and economically well-off people of the country.


The self-reliant Dhanmondi also shines in its own glory. Any part of the city is an easy destination from Dhanmondi. Being well connected to all areas, there is no need to worry about getting public buses here. Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Newmarket, Agargaon, Shyamli, Mirpur, Motijheel, and Gulshan are all within a close distance from Dhanmondi. And this is possible for Sat Masjid Road, Mirpur Road, and Shahbagh Road.

Educational institutions

Dhanmondi has more educational institutions than any other area, with institutions such as the Dhaka City College, Scholastica, Sunnydale, Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College, and Government Laboratory High School, all famous educational institutions in this area. The University of Liberal Arts and Stamford University are also there. Dhanmandi has a good reputation for medical education. There is the Gotha-Institute for teaching foreign languages.

Medical facilities

There are several famous hospitals in Dhanmondi, including the Ibn Sina Hospital, Medinova, Lab Aid Specialized Hospital and Bangladesh Medical College Hospital. The Eye Hospital or Dental Hospital is also in Dhanmondi. Also, the Anwar Khan Mordan Cancer Hospital is also in Dhanmondi. Therefore, Dhanmondi residents do not need to go outside for treatment, rather people from different parts of the country come to Dhanmondi for services.


It is difficult to find a person in Dhaka city who hasn’t been to Dhanmondi Lake or never heard its name. Morning walk or evening chats are all around Dhanmondi Lake. Rabindra Sarovar has a festive atmosphere almost every day.

Mosques and religious institutions

There are numerous mosques all over Dhanmondi. Mosques can be found within reach for daily or Friday prayers. Dhanmondi Shahi Eidgah is very popular for Eid congregation in Dhanmondi. This Eidgah, also known as Mughal Eidgah, still carries the memory of the Mughal era.


To the north of Dhanmondi are Mohammadpur, Shyamoli and Kalyanpur. To the south is Gabtali. Mirpur, Farm Gate, and Panthpath. all located in the eastern and north-eastern parts of Dhanmondi. Dhaka University, Hazaribagh, Nawabganj, Azimpur are located in the west and south-west.

Food and restaurants

Dhanmondi is often referred to as a food paradise, and this is no exaggeration. Not only Bangladeshi food, but also restaurants from different countries can be found in Dhanmondi. Sat Masjid Road and Road No. 2 are lined up and down with a variety of restaurants and street food.


There are several shopping malls in Dhanmondi. Seemant Square, Seemant Sambhar, Rapa Plaza, AR Plaza and Metro Shopping Mall are among them. All domestic and foreign excellent collections are available in the shopping malls. Apart from this, you will also find enough departmental shops in Dhanmondi.

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