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Gulshan 2

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About Gulshan 2


If you want to name an area in Dhaka that is beautiful, noble, full of abundance, you have to name Gulshan 2. One part of it is connected to Banani and the other part is Baridhara. This area is full of countless commercial establishments, restaurants, and shops. Most of the embassies of Bangladesh will be found in Gulshan 2. Being surrounded by strict security and enhanced with advanced civic facilities, all the tasteful people of the city want to live in this area. It is an ideal residential area.

Properties in Gulshan 2

Although it was once a nice residential area, Gulshan 2 has become one of the most important commercial areas of Dhaka city, due to its commercial importance. Many small and big offices can be found here. All the beautifully designed houses on both sides of the road may be seen a little more in Gulshan than in other areas of Dhaka. Therefore, this area is at the peak of property demand.


The transport system is also well developed in Gulshan 2. Dhaka Chaka bus service connects Gulshan well with other parts of the city. The pressure of private vehicles is always high in Gulshan and ride sharing services are also popular here. CNG auto rickshaws can easily cover the whole area.

Educational institutions

There is no shortage of educational institutions in Gulshan 2 to ensure the highest quality of education. From Scholastica to Dhaka International School and College, all kinds of advanced educational institutions can be found here.

Medical facilities

There are several clinics and medical centers in Gulshan 2 for modern and quality treatment. The institutions are providing their services with reputation. There are notable medical institutions like Lab Aid and United, and there is no scarcity of pharmacies in the vicinity.


There is no lack of fitness centers or walking in Gulshan in the morning or afternoon. Playground, basketball, jogging truck, all the sports and entertainment of the developed world can be found here. Gulshan Lake Park is an excellent place for an evening hangout.

Mosques and religious institutions

There are several mosques with aesthetic architecture like the Gulshan Central Mosque. The Gulshan Society Jame Masjid is one of them. Therefore, a large number of devout Muslims can be seen in Gulshan.


Gulshan 2 is basically divided into 2 parts. Baridhara is connected in the east and Banani is in the west. The connectivity to every area of ​​Dhaka is very good.

Food and restaurants

Gulshan 2 offers many excellent places for both local and foreign food alike. There are restaurants for all food items from Japanese to Mexican. Gulshan is full of many famous establishments such as Westin, Payala, Yumi, and Courtyard Bazaar. The restaurants of Gulshan 2 are of a quality that cannot be compared anywhere else.


When talking about shopping, the names of tasteful establishments like the DCC Market, Unimart, and AET Market will come first. Shopping here is full of international quality products. Also, there are shops of all the famous brands. Also, anything necessary is easily available in departmental stores.

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