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About Lalmatia

If you list the name of areas where all the needs of city life can be found in one place, there must be Lalmatia. This area is a combination of transportation systems, educational institutions, and civic services. In recent times, residential and commercial apartments have been developed in Lalmatia on a large scale.

Property in Lalmatia

The purpose of Lalmatia is to improve the housing system of Dhaka. Lalmatia is full of working people of all types of government and private sector. The rent here will also seem within your reach. There are many residential properties for rent and purchase here. You can travel safely to any part of Dhaka from here, so settle in Lalmatia, an area wanted by many. This area is also very popular among students. Lately, the demand for commercial apartments has also increased here.


If compared to any other area, Lalmatia will be ahead in the communication system with the entire Dhaka city. Gulistan, Uttara, Mirpur, Azimpur, Newmarket can all be easily traveled by bus from here. Currently, the transportation system with the current craze, Dhanmondi, is also very good in Lalmatia, as there is the Rickshaw, bike or CNG. The abundance of everything makes Lalmatia unique in terms of travel arrangements.

Educational institutions

In addition to schools such as Government Lalmatia Housing Society School and the Lalmatia Primary School, there are other famous English and Bengali medium schools like Academia, Mangrove International, and Penfield in Lalmatia. As a historic institution, Lalmatia Women’s College is very famous. Shanta Mariam University and the College of Home Economics are both located in the Lalmatia area. Apart from this, educational institutions of Mohammadpur and of Dhanmondi also have a lot of traffic in this region.

Medical facilities

Lalmatia is also very modern in medical services. Euro Bangla Heart Hospital, Millennium Heart, General Hospital, City Hospital, Diagnostic Center, and Al Manar Hospital are all located in the heart of Lalmatia. Psychiatry for mental treatment is also here. Nearby, the famous hospitals of Dhanmondi are also very close to here.


Lalmatia is not full of noise like other areas of Dhaka. However, there are still many entertainment facilities here! The Mohammadpur Park on the border of Mohammad-Lalmatia is very popular. There is a great place to have a morning walk or an afternoon stroll in this area. There are also art galleries here. Furthermore, various entertainment centers are located near Lalmatia.

Mosques and religious institutions

Lalmatia Jame Masjid, Minar Masjid, Baitul Haram Jame Masjid, Dhaka Wasa Jame Masjid are very popular in Lalmatia.


Lalmatia is one of the northern areas of Dhaka. Lalmatia is very close to important areas like Mohammadpur, and Dhanmondi. It is possible to reach the Farmgate and the Sansad Bhavan area by going east along Mirpur Road.

Food and restaurants

For food, Kutumbari in Lalmatia, Savad Tehari Ghar, and  Amjad Hotel are very popular among desi food. For foreign food, there are several restaurants including TBC, Bhut Bari, Seventh Heaven, and Coffeeshop Crimson Cup that are all very popular here.


Since Lalmatia is mainly a residential area, there are not many shopping malls here. However, there are many small and big establishments for shopping or market. And since Mohammadpur-Dhanmondi is near, people travel there more. However, there are many department stores in this area.

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