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About Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur is an area with history, tradition and beautiful decoration. Mohammadpur is one of the most important and significant areas of Dhaka. Mohammadpur started its journey as the first residential area of ​​Dhaka in 1954. The residents here are very different from other areas in terms of civic life and overall comfort. History Along with tradition, there are some of the country’s best educational institutions, healthcare facilities. All in all, Mohammadpur is one of the popular areas of Dhaka.

Property in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur was developed as a residential area in the fifties. Mohammadpur is one of the favorite places of upper-middle income people. Excellent social ties are noticeable among the residents of Mohammadpur. Nowadays, Mohammadpur has expanded to Basila and surrounding areas. Apart from residential properties, Mohammadpur also has a reputation for commercial. Ease of transportation, proximity to Dhanmondi and good connectivity make Mohammadpur a unique area. Japan Garden City, the largest apartment block in Bangladesh, is located in Mohammadpur. Mohammadpur has become unrivaled.


Mohammadpur bus stop is a public bus stop on dozens of different routes. It is possible to reach any part of the city easily. Mohammadpur is so well connected to other areas of Dhaka that residents can leave from Mohammadpur to any destination. And rickshaw is a very popular vehicle within the area. Taj Mahal Road is very popular and One of the busiest road. There are occasional traffic jams here. Asadgate area is a historical landmark. And with the nearby Gabtali Bus Terminal, a great communication network is created outside the city.

Educational institutions

Mohammadpur is the oldest and most popular school and college base of Dhaka. Famous institutions like Mohammadpur Government High School, Mohammadpur Government College, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School and Dhaka Residential Model College can be found here. Mohammadpur is also famous for religious educational institutions. As the number of educational institutions is ahead, the residents here do not have to worry about the good education system.

Medical facilities

Care Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka General and Orthopedic Hospital and Trauma Center are of the highest level of health care. Al Markazul Islami Hospital is also very popular with the people here. Being close to Dhanmondi, the residents can use the facilities of the service institutions there.

Mosques and religious institutions

The historic seven-domed mosque is located in Mohammadpur. The mosque built by Shaista Khan is still standing in the heart of Dhaka with its beautiful architecture. In addition, there are numerous mosques scattered in the alleys of Mohammadpur. There are also a few temples of Hindus around the area.


To the north and south of Mohammadpur are Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Shyamli. And to the east is Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Mohammadpur is located among the main and oldest areas of Dhaka. Mirpur, Farmgate are also very close to Mohammadpur. Sadarghat-Gabatli. It is possible to travel within Dhaka and even Old Dhaka with the bypass road.

Food and restaurants

Just naming the famous food of Mohammadpur is not enough. Mostakim’s Chap, Boba’s biryani are famous all over the country. No one misses to eat here if they come to Mohammadpur. The kebab and biryani shops here are very rich and famous. We have all the intercontinental and oriental food. In this area, several modern restaurants are seen in Mohammadpur recently.


Tokyo Square is the best destination for shopping in Mohammadpur. A variety of domestic and foreign brands can be found here. Mohammadpur Krishi Market is the trusted place of Mohammadpur residents to meet their daily needs. Small departmental stores can be found nearby.

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