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Purbachal New Town

Area Guide

About Purbachal Mega Project

Purbachal is the future best city of Bangladesh. Purbachal New Town Project is the biggest project of RAJUK (Capital Development Authority). The project area is about 6227 acres which is equal to 25 square kilometers. It will have an eight-lane expressway connected to Pragati Swarani/Airport Road. About 26,000 residential properties are planned to be built, including 62,000 apartments. The total area of this project has been divided into 30 sectors.

Legacy Tower is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The skyscraper is part of the Bangabandhu tri-tower, alongside the 71-storey Liberation Tower and the 52-storey Language Tower, and is the centerpiece of Purbachal’s USD 12 billion central business district development project. The 111-storey tower will be 428 meters (1,404 ft) tall.

Purbachal Expressway is a 12.5-kilometre-long (7.8 m) 8 lane-wide avenue expressway in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This expressway connects Purbachal to the eastern part of Dhaka.

Dhaka is the most populous city and capital of Bangladesh. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Bangladesh. Therefore, the people of Bangladesh are mostly Dhaka-centric. A large number of people have to live in Dhaka for its services, business and many other jobs, which makes Dhaka a populous city. Most residential areas of Dhaka are overcrowded.

Purbachal future capital of Dhaka

The Purbachal project is attracting people from all over Bangladesh to a new door of opportunity. Read the article to know more about Purbachal, the future capital of Dhaka. RAJUK (Capital Development Authority) came up with the solution. Previously, it has successfully planned, designed and implemented many commercial, industrial and development projects. RAJUK plans to develop a self-contained township called Purbachal New Town Project for the first time. According to RAJUK, 70 percent physical progress and 65 percent financial progress of the project have been achieved so far. The project could be completed by 2025.

Purbachal location and total area

Purbachal is directly connected to Northern part of Dhaka through Kuril junction and Bashundhara. The Purbachal project is in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district and the rest is in Kaliganj upazila of Gazipur district, with Balu river in the west and Shitalakshya river in the east. It is 16 km from the zero point of Dhaka. The total area is of 6,227 acres.

300 feet wide Purbachal link road

The 300 feet wide road is one of the attractions of Purbachal New Town project.  The 300 feet highway is a popular roadway network that connects North and South Bangladesh. It is directly connected to the Dhaka Bypass Highway, Dhaka Mahanagar Expressway, Pragati Sarani, etc. Whether you want to travel to Sylhet, Rajshahi or Chittagong, the 300 feet Purbachal Expressway will give you access to highways connecting those areas. Most of the construction of all bridges and other structures like underpasses, switch gates etc. connected to the 300 feet road will be completed in the near future.

Developments in the Area

*  Reducing overpopulation pressure on Dhaka city
*  Extending economic benefits to the development of new townships
*  Fulfill future housing needs
*  Creating residential housing opportunities for city people
*  To reduce the existing acute housing problem of Dhaka city
*  Increasing amenities in the neighborhood gradually through urbanization

How profitable is the advance investment ?

Purbachal in Dhaka is becoming one of the modern cities of Bangladesh. It is growing as the most modern city in the country. Where many important public and private offices are being built with modern housing system. How much profit will be made if you invest in advance?  How will you be benefited if you invest in Purbachal? You can think about it !

– Gulshan and Banani apartments in Dhaka vs Land in Purbachal
– Financial return on advance investment
– Investing in land in shares with group
– How to profit from preemptive investing
– Let’s find out more about it from a property expert

Land Distribution for different purposes

*  For residential area – 38.60%
*  For road – 25.9%
*  For lakes/canals  – 7.1%
*  For urban green and open spaces  – 6.6 %
*  For administrative and commercial establishments – 6.41%
*  For education, health and institutions – 6%
*  For utilities, urban amenities and social infrastructure – 6%
*  For sports – 2.5%

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