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About Adabar-Shyamali

Adabar-Shyamoli is an area of ​​the city that is able to meet the demands within the means. And so, this area is very popular among the middle class people. This area is becoming more important day by day in terms of civic needs, housing system, commercial area in the heart of the capital city of Dhaka. Recently, a lot of residential and commercial apartments are being built here.

Properties in Adabar-Shyamoli

The demand for properties in this area is high due to its relatively affordable prices compared to the nearby areas. It is an ideal area for any type of small or large family. Also, the Adabar-Shyamoli area is becoming popular day by day due to its close proximity to schools and colleges as well as its easy transportation to any part of Dhaka. Although densely populated, it is a well-planned area and the security system is also good. People in this area are well connected to each other from other areas of the city. All in all, all the civic facilities including religious shrines, parks, and recreational centers are integrated here. When it comes to commercial properties, this is the first choice for start-up companies. Also, IT firms, marketing agencies and NGOs are tending towards this area. The area is perfect for commercial space as banks, shopping malls, and convention halls are all available.


Adabar-Shyamoli is unique in terms of transportation system as it is very easy to travel to all parts of Dhaka city. From the front of Tokyo Square, you can easily reach New Market, Azimpur or Old Dhaka by bus. The connection with Dhaka North is also great because of Shyamoli bus stand. It is one of the most important areas of the city. The transportation system of Adabar-Shyamlo with Dhanmondi is excellent. It is possible to reach Dhanmondi or Mohammadpur area in a very short time by rickshaw. Due to Mirpur Road, the transport system of this region is more robust.

Educational institutions

The number of polytechnics, vocational training centers and madrasas in this region is high. However, all the major educational institutions of the city are very close to Adabar-Shyamoli. Furthermore, it is very easy to travel to Dhanmondi or Dhaka University.

Medical facilities

The area is well developed in terms of medical facilities. Adabar-Shyamoli is full of well-known public and private hospitals including National Heart Institute Hospital, National Mental Health Institute Hospital, National Kidney and Urology Institute. The area is famous for private medical institutions including Bangladesh Specialized Hospital, Care Hospital, and the Crescent Hospital. Also, Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital is a short drive from here.


Adabar-Shyamoli has a lot of playgrounds, and so many clubs have been created here. Shyamoli Shishu Park and Dhaka Shishu Mela are two of the best entertainment centers in the capital. Shyamoli Cineplex is a place of appreciation for movie lovers. Adabar-Shyamoli is quite interesting for entertainment, more so than any other area of ​​Dhaka.

Mosques and religious institutions

Adabar-Shyameli is full of numerous mosques and temples throughout the area. Shahi Jame Masjid in Shyamli is very famous. The Tapovan Temple in Jahuri Mahalla and the Sri Sri Radhakrishna Temple in Chameli Road are both very popular areas for the Hindu community. There is also a Christian community here, with churches like the Presbyterian.


Adabar-Shyamoli is one of the most important areas in the north of Dhaka. As it is very close to Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur, the area is quite ahead in terms of facilities. Go north along the Mirpur road and cross Kalyanpur. Gabtali and Mirpur are on the east side of this area. Agargaon-Taltala and some areas of Mohammadpur as well as Savar are on the west.

Food and restaurants

Although the area is not popular with foodies, there is the Mostakim Varieties Kebab and Soup. The whole Dhaka city is known for its kebabs and chapar. People from different parts of the city regularly come here to taste the cuisine of the original Bihari community. There are a few hotels here. For the first food lovers there is the food court at Shyamoli Square. The area is becoming popular day by day for its delicious food at comparatively affordable prices.


There are several shopping malls in Adabar-Shyamoli area with domestic and foreign brand outlets. Tokyo Square and Shyamoli Square are the names of the whole city. Furthermore, there are many supershops and departmental stores so people do not have to go out. Instead, people from outside areas come here to shop.

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