C.S. S.A. R.S.
C.S. S.A. R.S.

During a property transaction, there are various legal procedures and documents that require management and handling. This may include obtaining government records that confirm ownership and authorization to sell the property. Probashirealty Legal services can assist with managing these processes, ensuring that you do not become overwhelmed with the paperwork, and can focus on the property transaction itself. Their services can help guarantee that all necessary legal documents and processes are in place, reducing the risk of errors or complications during the transaction.

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Document Withdrawl Services

  •  AC Land Mutation
  •  Mutation permission from RAJUK/ NHA/M.P office
  •  Deed Withdrawal
  •  Hiba-Bil-Iwaz Deed
  •  Title Deed
  •  Partition Deed
  • Power of Attorney
  •  Deed of agreement
  •  Power acceptance from RAJUK/ NHA/ M.P office
  •  Lay-Out Plan from RAJUK
  •  Approve Plan from RAJUK
  •  NEC (Non-Encumbrance Certificate)
  •  C.S. S.A. R.S. & City Jorip Porca Certified Copy
  •  C.S. S.A, R.S & City Jorip Porca Khasra Copy
  •  Mouza Map Tejgaon Satrastha Land office
  •  Occupancy Certificate from RAJUK
  •  Succession Certificate
  •  Permission letter of Building Reconstruction from N.H.A/RAJUK/ M.P office
  •  Foreign Power of Attorney (Registered)
  •  Sale permission from N.H.A/RAJUK/ M.P office

Vetting Services –

  •  Legal Document Vetting
  •  Document Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that your property-related legal affairs in Bangladesh are handled with precision and effectiveness, it is essential to seek the guidance of expert legal services. The leading property legal services in the country can aid you in managing and filing all necessary legal paperwork, ensuring their accurate preparation and safekeeping. This can help you steer clear of costly errors or legal complications, providing you with the confidence and freedom to maximize your property investment.

Probashirealty can assist in facilitating the transfer of ownership of a property from one individual to another by providing property legal services in Dhaka. These services ensure that all necessary legal documents are prepared and filed correctly, including the transfer deed, registration forms, and other relevant paperwork. By entrusting this responsibility to a professional legal service provider, property owners can ensure that the transfer of ownership is completed accurately and efficiently, avoiding any potential legal disputes or complications that may arise from errors in the process.

Mutation is a basic legal procedure that establishes the transfer of property ownership to the new owner. It is a crucial requirement for property registration, transfer, and taxation purposes. Proper mutation documentation avoids legal disputes and ensures accurate recording of property ownership and tax liabilities.

There are two types of mutation procedures that property owners may need to complete: Mutation with the government authorities owning the land and mutation with the Land Offices. Flat or plot mutation is also referred to as Authority Mutation, while land mutation is also known as Tahshil Mutation. In the case of Authority Mutation, the concerned authorities issue a Mutation Letter in favor of the new owner or applicant, establishing their legal ownership of the property. This process is essential for property registration and transfer purposes.

A Khatian is an official document used to identify a piece of land. It is created during a survey to establish ownership, possession, and to assess Land Development Tax. The Khatian serves as a crucial legal record for determining the characteristics and boundaries of the land, including its location, area, and ownership details. It is an essential document for property owners in Bangladesh, helping to protect their legal rights and avoid any disputes related to land ownership or possession.

In legal terms, the "Porcha" document is known as the Record of Right (ROR). This document provides details of the property, including its Mouja, JL no, CS/RS dag no, and Khatian no. The ROR is an essential legal document that confirms the ownership of a property and is used to settle any disputes related to land ownership or possession. It is created once the mutation of the property has been completed and serves as a record of the updated ownership status of the property. The ROR is a vital document for property owners in Bangladesh, helping them protect their legal rights and interests.

Probashirealty assists in obtaining the necessary deeds required for various approvals and as evidence of property ownership. These deeds serve as crucial legal documents that provide proof of ownership and may be required for obtaining approvals and permits related to the property. By facilitating the acquisition of these deeds, Probashirealty helps property owners ensure that their legal documentation is complete and accurate, reducing the risk of any legal disputes or complications that may arise from incomplete or incorrect paperwork.

In real estate laws, Bia Deeds serve as a vital legal document that establishes a chain of ownership for a property. This document records all the official owners of the property since its initial formal registration, providing a complete history of ownership for the property in question. The Bia Deed is essential for property owners to establish their legal ownership of the property and to prevent any disputes related to property ownership or possession. It serves as a crucial record of the property's ownership history, helping property owners protect their legal rights and interests in the property.

The Title Deed is the most crucial document in property ownership and helps prevent property disputes. It is a legally binding document that confirms the ownership of a property and serves as proof that the property has been transferred to the buyer's name. The Title Deed is a critical document for property owners as it establishes their legal rights and ownership of the property, and it helps avoid disputes related to property ownership or possession. This document is typically agreed upon by both the buyer and seller and serves as the final legal record of the transfer of ownership.

Hiba Bil Iwaz is a legal term used for a gift for consideration that has already been received. It is a transaction that involves two reciprocal gifts between two parties - a donor and a donee. The first gift is given by the donor to the donee, and the second gift is given by the donee to the donor in exchange for the first gift. This transaction is a legal and mutually beneficial agreement that serves as a valid proof of transfer of ownership of the gifted property. The Hiba Bil Iwaz is an essential legal document for property owners in Bangladesh, helping to protect their legal rights and interests in the property.

If you want to formalize a promise or agreement, it is crucial to enlist the assistance of professional legal services. These services can help you draft and finalize legal documents that formalize your agreement, ensuring that it is legally binding and enforceable. This can help protect your legal rights and interests, providing you with the confidence and flexibility to make the most of your business or personal dealings.

The Non-Encumbrance Certificate is an important legal document that provides a record of all registered and missing deeds for a property over the past 10-15 years. It serves as proof that there are no financial or legal liabilities associated with the property and that everything is in order for smooth processing. This certificate is essential for property owners who wish to sell or transfer ownership of their property and want to ensure that there are no legal disputes or encumbrances associated with the property. The Non-Encumbrance Certificate is a critical document that helps protect the legal rights and interests of property owners in Bangladesh.

Probashirealty is a professional real estate agency that can act as an authorized representative on your behalf. They can assist you in achieving your real estate requirements without your direct involvement in the process. Their team of experts can take care of all the necessary activities, such as property inspections, negotiations, legal documentation, and other related tasks, ensuring that everything is done efficiently and accurately. This can help save you time and effort while ensuring that your real estate transactions are handled professionally and with utmost care. Probashirealty is committed to providing their clients with hassle-free and comprehensive real estate solutions in Bangladesh.

A Power of Attorney, also known as a Letter of Attorney, is a legal document that authorizes someone to act as a representative or agent on behalf of another person in private or legal matters. The person granting the power of attorney is known as the principal, grantor, or donor, while the person who is authorized to act on their behalf is known as the agent or attorney-in-fact. A power of attorney can be used in a variety of situations, including business transactions, real estate deals, and medical decision-making. It is a useful tool that allows individuals to delegate their legal authority to trusted agents or attorneys, giving them the flexibility to manage their affairs even when they are unable to do so themselves.

A Foreign Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows a person living abroad to appoint a representative or agent in Bangladesh to manage their property or affairs. The Foreign Power of Attorney must be attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh in the applicant's country of residence before being submitted for attestation in Bangladesh. The applicant must provide two sets of photocopies of the document for attestation. This document enables the appointment of a trusted representative to manage the applicant's legal affairs in Bangladesh, providing flexibility and peace of mind to those living abroad.

When it comes to government property, a legal approval must be obtained to recognize the validity of a Power of Attorney. This is necessary to ensure that any actions taken by the representative on behalf of the principal are recognized and enforceable under the law. The approval process involves obtaining consent from the relevant government authorities, which can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with the assistance of professional legal services, applicants can navigate the approval process efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their legal rights and interests are protected.

Probashirealty provides comprehensive services to help individuals and businesses obtain the necessary approvals for construction projects. This includes assistance with preparing and submitting plans for approval, as well as acquiring approvals for lost documents. With their expertise and knowledge of the regulatory requirements, Probashirealty can help ensure that the plans are approval-ready and that the approval process is completed smoothly and efficiently, saving their clients time and resources.

Probashirealty can assist with obtaining approvals for building and layout plans required to commence a construction project. They ensure that these plans are complete and ready for approval, and can also assist with retrieving lost documents.

Poor layout planning can have negative impacts on businesses, resulting in increased costs, dissatisfied customers, and ineffective communication. It is essential to have a well-designed layout plan to maximize productivity and service quality.

Probashirealty assists in obtaining all the necessary approvals from government bodies, such as RAJUK, to ensure the legal occupancy and use of a property.

Probashirealty can assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals from RAJUK and other governing bodies to legally occupy and use a property. This includes acquiring an Occupancy Certificate, which serves as proof that a building has been constructed according to national building codes and is safe for occupation. The certificate is issued by local government agencies or development authorities, such as the municipal corporation.

The Occupancy Certificate in Dhaka is a crucial document that proves a building complies with national building codes and is safe for occupancy. Without it, the building may not meet safety standards, and there may be issues with mortgage arrangements and insurance coverage. Additionally, utility services such as gas, water, and electricity cannot be legally authorized without this certificate from the local government agency or development authority.

Probashirealty assists in obtaining a Succession Certificate, which is crucial in proving the inheritance of property ownership by the legal heirs of a deceased property owner. This can be done either by obtaining the certificate from local government authorities such as the City Corporation, Municipality, or Union Parishad, or through the Court of Law.

A Partition Deed is a legal document used to divide jointly owned property among multiple individuals, typically family members. It specifies how the property will be divided and distributed, and ensures that each individual receives their rightful share of the property. This helps to avoid any disputes or conflicts that may arise during the property division process.

In order to sell a property, the existing owner or lessee must have a Sale Permission in Dhaka. Probashirealty helps to ensure that this permission is present and handles all of the legal aspects of your property transactions, allowing you to focus on your purchase, sale, or investment without any worries or hassles.

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