Banani DOHS

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About Banani DOHS

Banani DOHS is the first DOHS (Defense Officers Housing Society) in Dhaka city. Banani DOHS is located about 8 km from Dhaka International Airport on the eastern side of Dhaka Cantonment. Banani DOHS is also popularly known as the “Old DOHS”. It is an area under the Vasantek police station of capital Dhaka. Banani DOHS was developed under the Defense Officer Housing Society project of the Bangladesh Government. There are a total of 142 plots.

Properties in Banani DOHS area

Banani DOHS is definitely an exceptional region. Dhaka city has multiple DOHS zones and it also has some similar features. It is very well organized, highly secured and people live here because of the amenities and lifestyle that comes with the location. As the rules and regulations are very strictly maintained to ensure the safety of the residents and the area is always kept very clean. You can expect a wonderful living experience here.


Dhaka-Mymensingh highway is the main traffic controller of Banani DOHS. By using this road, uninterrupted travel is possible to any destination outside Dhaka, including the capital city. Besides, residents of the area also travel a lot through the Independence Memorial Road.

Educational institutions

Banani DOHS and its surrounding areas have some excellent educational institutes. Higher education institutes including English Medium Bangla Medium can be found within reach. Banani is home to great educational institutes like Banani Vidya Niketan, Northern University, and the University of South Asia.

Medical facilities

There are several medical service stations adjacent to Banani DOHS. Institutions like the Prabha Health Care or Banani Clinic, United Hospital, are all able to provide all kinds of medical services to support the people of the area.


The Banani DOHS is very crowded in the afternoon. Besides in the surrounding area are the Baishakhi Park, Banani No. 6 Park,and the Banani Club, all of which are very popular entertainment centers.

Religious institutions

Banani DOHS Jame Masjid is a very beautiful mosque. Besides, the city of mosques in Dhaka is close at hand.


Considering the surrounding area, this area is a very convenient area. Gulshan is to the north, Banani to the east, and Mohakhali to the south. Dhaka Mymensingh highway is to the west and has made Banani an excellent location. Tejgaon, Cantonment, Niketan, Airport or Uttara are all easily accessible from any important area.

Food and restaurants

The variety of food that can be seen in Banani is splendid compared to other places of the city. There are good restaurants with all kinds of food from Biryani, Chinese, Mexican and Japanese. Therefore, Banani is in a unique spot for foodies. Banani is also famous for all of its luxury hotels.


There are outlets of all the famous brands, all located around the Banani DOHS area. Banani is very popular on Road No. 11. Furthermore, Bangladesh-Kuwait Friendship Shopping Complex also has exclusive collections. The Banani Super Market is also very popular.

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