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About Banashree

If you want to write about the areas that have developed rapidly since 2000, Banasree will be in the first row. Banasree is one of the examples of how fast Dhaka city is changing. If you turn the pages of time two decades ago, Banasree would have be seen as a barren, green and beautiful paddy field. And today it is the same. Banasree is a brick-stone concrete city. It has all kinds of civic services as well as excellent transportation system.

Properties in Banashree

Banasree is the best example of planned urbanization. Numerous real estate projects have been developed all over the area. All kinds of properties with middle class affordability or upper class luxury facilities can be found here. Along with residential properties, commercial properties are also in demand. Banks, insurance, offices, courts are nearby. Banashree has come up. Even though it is a daily commodity, several high-quality restaurants have been developed recently. Therefore, the demand for Banashree properties is always there.


This area is very well connected to other areas of Dhaka and the internal transportation system. Banasree is directly connected to DIT Road. Conveniently, the Dhaka Metrorail has a stop at Banasree. Most of the shops and commercial establishments are next to Banasree Main Road. Rickshaws are the most accessible vehicles within the area. The main road is connected to the DIT Road, one of the busiest roads in Dhaka. It is possible to reach Hatirjheel easily through Badda Loop. There is a stop on the Metrorail Line 1 in this area, Rampura Lay, which is very close to Banasree. In the future, the MRT Line 4 will be connected to Banasree. As such, the people of Banasree area will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Metrorail very well.

Educational institutions

There are several excellent educational institutions in Bengali and English in this area. Faizur Rahman Ideal Institute, National Ideal School, has two branches here. Dhaka’s largest English medium school has an academy campus in Banshree. East-West University is nearby in Aftabnagar.

Medical facilities

Banasree is unique as it has excellent medical facilities like Faraji Hospital, Al-Razi Islamia Hospital, and the Yamagata-Dhaka Friendship General Hospital. Furthermore, pharmacy shops are now found everywhere.

Mosques and religious institutions

Banasree has several mosques including Banasree Central Mosque, and the South Banasree Jame Masjid for devout Muslims. There is Sri Sri Kali Temple for Hindus, and a Buddhist temple for Buddhists. All in all, Banasree is a good area for people of all religions.


If you proceed northwards from Banshri along the DIT road, you can reach Rampura, Badda and Hatirjheel to Gulshan, Niketan, Tejgaon and other areas of Central Dhaka. Famous areas like Rampura are located next to Banasree.

Food and restaurants

In Banasree, you can find a variety of food options including local and foreign fast food. Al Qaderia is quite famous here for kebabs. Thai, Chinese and fast food restaurants are developing in this area in recent times. And there is a collection of street food in the area.


Meradia Kachha Bazar is the trusted place of people of Banasree for shopping and for the small market. Outlets of various brands of super shops can also be found here. There are scattered small departmental and general stores. And every year during Qurbani Eid, the famous Meradia Cow and Goat Market are held.

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