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Gulshan 1

Area Guide

About Gulshan 1

Gulshan is one of the most important areas of the capital because it is organized, tidy and full of busyness. The head office of many important institutions from the renowned business institutions of the country to banks are located here Therefore, the latest housing facilities and improved transportation system make Gulshan unique. This area is the top in providing advanced civic amenities, so the rich and wealthy people of the country live in this area.

Property in Gulshan 1

Although one of the commercial areas of Dhaka, Gulshan 1 and Niketan are very peaceful areas to live in Gulshan also has a great reputation as a residential area with a combination of schools, colleges or office courts, commercial facilities. Gulshan has eye-catching buildings like Cityscape Tower, Glass House, Crystal Palace and Police Plaza. The most elite and luxurious bungalows of the country can be seen here.


The prerequisite of a developed area is a developed transportation system. Gulshan is no exception. Gulshan has its own bus service Dhaka Chaka and Gulshan Chaka. You can get good transport system by bus to any part of the city But not only on land but also for water transportation, special ferry service will be available in Gulshan.

Educational institutions

There are reputed English medium schools like Chittagong Grammar School, Islamic International School, Sea Bridge International School in Gulshan Moreover, due to the good transportation system with the surrounding areas, the students of Gulshan area stay in the best educational institutions in the country.

Medical facilities

One of the characteristics of an elite area is the elite medical service. Gulshan is not behind at all There are numerous medical clinics in Gulshan like Sure cell Medical Center, Gulshan Medicare, Cure Medical Center. And therefore, the number of pharmacies is also not less in Gulshan.

Entertainment system

Gulshan has a good environment for morning tour or evening chat The parks of Gulshan are very well arranged and beautiful. Also, Hatirjheel is next to Gulshan and there is a lot of crowds there.

Mosques and religious institutions











Gulshan 1 central mosque is quite famous. Also, there are several mosques within reach throughout the area.


Geographical location of Gulshan with important areas of the city like Gulshan II, Mahakhali, Tejgaon and Badda. Also, Banani, Farmgate Airport is easily accessible.

Food and restaurants

Gulshan is the meeting place of the city’s elegant and elite restaurants. Gulshan 1 is therefore the best place for foodies Gulshan is full of restaurants and food carts like Timeout, Pizza Hut, KFC, North End, Gloria Jeans.


There are shops of all world-famous brands in Gulshan. There is a huge market like DCC and Police Plaza Therefore, shopping in Gulshan is very popular not only for the people of this area but also for the people of all other areas of the city

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