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Old Dhaka’s Moghbazar area is a mixture of history, tradition and modernity. There are numerous roads and alleys throughout the area. For outsiders, it takes quite a bit of time to find these alleys, but once you get to know them, the fun of this area cannot be found anywhere else. As there are many famous educational institutions in and around Moghbazar, Moghbazar is, as such, a place full of different types of people. As a result of the progress of development over time, the demand for human settlement in this region has increased manifold. Living in peace, Moghbazar is one of the densely populated areas of the city due to its excellent transportation system.

Properties in Moghbazar

Moghbazar has been popular as a residential area since ancient times. A large part of the middle class and upper class people of the city live here. Apartment prices and rents in Nayatla and Madhubagh are amazing. Moghbazar has been witnessing the development of tradition since the Mughal period. As a commercial area, Moghbazar occupies a unique place in the heart of the capital. All the well-known developer companies have built beautiful apartments all over Moghbazar. Moghbazar is quite different from other areas.


Thanks to the Moghbazar-Malibag flyover, the people of this region are well connected with all areas of the capital. There are numerous roads and alleys throughout the area. Despite being a densely populated area, with the pressure of people being a little high, it is possible to ride a rickshaw or any small vehicle to visit Moghbazar. Also, due to the Hatirjheel project, the traffic congestion in this area has reduced to a large extent.

Educational institutions

There are several famous and ancient educational institutions of the country located in the Moghbazar area, such as the Moghbazar Ispahani School and College, Moghbazar Government Primary School, St. Patrick’s Grammar School, National Bank Public School and College, Siddheshwari University College etc. Also, nearby are Vikarunnisa Noon School and College and Moghbazar Girls High School.

Medical facilities

There are several famous and modern hospitals of the country located in Moghbazar. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Adv-Din Hospital are well known for their maternity care. Sirajul Islam Hospital is very popular and famous as the largest private post-medical school in the country. Also, this area has the Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital, Insaf Barakah Hospital and numerous pharmacies.

Parks & Recreation

There are hardly any open fields or parks. Nayatla Park and BTCL Shishu Park are very crowded during the afternoon and evening hours. And since Hatirjheel is near, Moghbazar residents travel there quite a lot.

Mosques and religious institutions

The Moghbazar area has numerous mosques, both old and new. In Moghbazar Chowrasta Jame Masjid, Baitul Mamur Jame Masjid, Charulta Market Masjid, the courage of the Muslims is visible. For Hindus, this area has the oldest Siddheshwari Kali temple in the country.


Bailey Road, Ramna, Shanti Nagar and Siddheshwari are in the south of Moghbazar. To the north are Tejgaon, Farmgate and Nayatla. To the west of Moghbazar is Iskaton and to the east are Malibagh and Mouchak. Moghbazar is one of the focal points for traveling to any part of the city.

Food and restaurants

Moghbazar is among the best when it comes to food. All the old and famous restaurants of the city are here. Fakhruddin Restaurant, Sharma House, Arabian Sharma House, Canton House are the names of the famous establishments here. Moreover, the food carts and small food stalls are crowded, making it incomparable to the hordes of foodies from different parts of the city in the evening.


Moghbazar’s “Big Center” was once popular, but in the competitive market, the popularity of big centers has decreased for many companies. Moghbazar is full of several supershops and brandshops with Arang outlets.

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